Licences and Certificates

Complex System for Ensuring the Competitive Capacity of the Company

OJSC “AGAT – Control Systems” has developed, implemented and is operating the Complex system for ensuring the competitive capacity of the Company. The system is based on integration of conditions and requirements of the international standards ISO 9000 series for the quality management systems, ISO 14000 series for the environment management systems, OHSAS 18000 standards for the occupational health & safety management system, and SA 8000 for the social accountability management system.

The quality management system of the Company is certified to meet the STB ISO 9001-2009 requirements.


OJSC “AGAT – Control Systems” is qualified to perform certain activities related to architecture,  urban planning, construction (parts of thereof):

– performing functions of the project owner, developer, delivery of engineering services in the field of construction of 1-4 complexity class projects;
– construction of 1-4 complexity class projects;
– performing functions of the general designer;
– development of design documents for the 1-4 complexity class projects;
– development of the pre-project (pre-investment) documents;
– performing functions of the general contractor.

Testing and Metrology

OJSC “AGAT – Control Systems” is qualified by the National Accreditation Body of the Republic of Belarus to perform calibration of the measuring instruments, as well as mechanic and climatic tests and EMC tests.

Information Security

OJSC “AGAT – Control Systems” has a licence to perform activities related to technical protection of information, including cryptographic data protection and electronic data signature, and to perform activities related to cryptographic data protection and equipment for surreptitious obtaining of information. The Company is accredited to correspond the requirements of STB ISO MEK 17025.

Intellectual Property

The products of OJSC “AGAT – Control Systems” are made in compliance with global technical development trends and contain patentable engineering, design, and software solutions.

During its operation, the Company has filed about 3,270 applications for titles of protection in different countries for inventions, useful models, designs, trademarks and computer programs.

Currently the Company owns patents and certificates of Belarus, the Russian Federation, and Eurasian Patent Office.